The 5-Point Care and Maintenance Guide For Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

To protect and get the most out of the investment put into  an artificial grass installation requires  proper are and regular maintenance. Careful and proper maintenance not only ensures that the synthetic turf surface looks its best at all times but it also considerably extends the life of your artificial grass.

Regular Cleaning

For the most common spills and stains such as coffee, ketchup and juice, always ensure that you clean out the stain as soon as possible. While artificial grass is highly stain-resistant, removing the stains once they have dried up is quite challenging. On the other hand however, it is easy to clean out fresh spills by dabbing on the grass surface with paper towels or simple household detergent on a piece of clothing. For oil-based stains, mineral spirits are an effective stain remover.

Artificial grass is a pet-friendly cover and can be used for different pet-related applications. Regular hosing down should keep the synthetic turf clean and well-drained. An equal part mixture of water and white distilled vinegar also helps minimizing the odor.

Regular Brushing

Regular brushing will help in avoiding premature matting on the synthetic turf surface, and more so in high foot-traffic areas.  Using a brush with synthetic bristles, sweep or brush against the grain of the artificial grass fibers for an attractively fluffy arrangement of the turf fibers.

Do not Abuse

Artificial grass is tough and durable but definitely not damage-proof. Deliberate efforts to prevent damage on the turf include avoiding abuse in the form of vehicle traffic, cigarettes, open flames and fireworks as well as heavy static loads such as heavy pieces of furniture and parked vehicles. These seemingly simple precautions keep the turf damage-free and looking great for longer.

Prompt Action for Minor Repairs

Any small rips and tears on the turf surface should be promptly attended to before they can grow bigger.  Similarly, loose and open seams qualify for minor damages that should be repaired immediately.  Regular inspections are necessary if the damages are to identified early enough. Repair procedures often include gluing and sewing.

Call the Experts

Away from the minor damages, owners of the synthetic turf should promptly contact the synthetic turf wholesale installation company. Artificial grass products come with attractive warranties whose terms the supplier-installer would honor accordingly.

Proper care and maintenance of artificial grass contributes to and improves its aesthetics, functionality and longevity. Every owner should apply this guide accordingly in order to get the most out of their investment.

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