Road-Marks On The Journey To A Successful Career I Construction Management

Career in Construction

Every construction project, big or small requires the supervision and leadership of a great construction manager. The manager should have a combination of skills and experience which have proven crucial to the success of a project.

Among these abilities and skills includes the ability to communicate effectively and the ability to delegate tasks accordingly and work as part of a cohesive team. Even more crucial is the ability to think fast, analyze and solve any problems that may arise during the course of the project cycle. All these ensure that the project implementation process in on track with all the set timelines.

A great educational background adequately prepares construction managers for their roles at the site and helps in developing these great leaderships skills. Overseeing a project successfully right from its initial conception stage to the final commissioning is no easy task and requires a set of skills and talents on the part of both the manager and the construction workers.

There are several educational qualifications that prepare one for a career in construction management.  One can choose to pursue a diploma, degree or masters in any of the four main disciplines which are engineering, architecture, construction management and building and built environment sciences. Formal instruction in these very broad fields prepares the future construction manager with the theoretical knowledge of all that goes into construction management.

Apart from the formal education at an accredited and reputable institution, it is also an excellent idea to work closely with mentors in the field. Once a student identifies construction management as an area of interest, the next step should be to find a reputable industry leader who will provide mentorship and an insider’s insights.

Most successful workers have had some experience working in construction sites in other roles before rising through the ranks to the position of construction manager.  Working as a construction worker   gives relevant hands-on experience, appreciating the challenges and all that comes with the position.  It also helps in fostering a good rapport with the workers. Being able to empathize with the workers due to understanding the challenges they face as well as enjoying a good relationship with the workers helps the manager in facilitating productive team effort.

Construction management is a lucrative and exciting career path and definitely worth the effort put into the journey. All these factors are equally important in equipping a great construction manager.

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