Managing Play Areas In Nurseries With Synthetic Turf


Nursery- going kids are particularly active and so eager to explore the world around them, it’s a real struggle trying to keep up with them. The safest best, ironically, is to just let them be, and do your best to ensure the surroundings are controlled and safe.
With this in mind, more and more nurseries are going the synthetic turf way, and installing artificial grass on play areas. The kids can now enjoy a game of everything they love on a safe surface that has continually proven itself as a long-term investment that every nursery across the country should look into.
Unlike its natural counterpart, synthetic grass is slip-resistant even after a bit of rain pour. This is attributable to a couple of factors, one of which is that it has superior drainage characteristics, meaning that the play area will not retain any water on the surface which poses a slipping hazard. Secondly, it is much easier to clean any spillages and the kids can go back to their merry playing after a quick dab. This also saves the teachers and attendants plenty of time.

The overly protective and borderline paranoid parent can also enjoy some peace of mind in the knowledge that synthetic turf produces no toxins. The kids can roll around in the grass all day long and not, in the least bit, be in danger of pungent odours or be exposed to any other similar toxic elements. Additionally, maintaining these play areas require no fertilizers, pesticides or weed killers and the kids will be perfectly safe from all these chemicals.

Parents can also finally sigh in relief as they bid goodbye the days when doing a laundry load of the kids’ uniform would take so much longer and required far more attention due to stubborn grass stains. This translates to great saves on time and cleaning detergents.

Nurseries can always get a bit creative with their artificial grass play area designs. This includes adding imprints of fun and interesting art on the surface that will not only make the play area look great, but the kids will also in turn wish to play more, encouraging healthy exercise for these growing ones. That, and the fact that they no longer will need to worry about itchiness and skin irritation as with natural grass, will surely get the kids enjoying play time all the more.

The nursery’s management also as something to be proud of in making this long-term investment. Factor in the huge savings on watering, chemicals and the equipment that go into maintaining a natural turf area that is perfectly safe for the kids to play in all year round, among other related costs, and after crunching in the numbers, the artificial grass will pay for itself in a few short years . In addition, the school can expect a soar in new admissions as more parents realize and appreciate the numerous benefits such an installation presents for the kids.

With an artificial grass play area in place in your nursery, leaving the kids to their own devices does not seem as daunting anymore. The kids enjoy great benefits, as does the nursery itself, making for an excellent win-win.

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