Guide to Company Portfolio Creation For Marketers

More and more people are steering away from the traditional 8-5 jobs to start and run their own businesses and the business world is becoming increasingly competitive. Staying ahead of the competition requires a multi-faceted strategy and a great marketing campaign always features prominently in that strategy.

Start-ups and small businesses outsource to marketing companies for professional marketing services. While the demand is definitely there, generating leads and scoring business for a marketing company depends, among other factors, its company portfolio.

Clients are always more confident about working with a company that can boast of a verifiable results-driven portfolio. A marketing company that can show its prospective clients  the impressive work done for other businesses stands a better chance of getting the  service contracts with these prospective clients.

At the heart of an impressive portfolio are great testimonials from clients that have had interactions with the company. In a business world where clients are very specific about their needs and know exactly what they want out of a business relationship with a company, testimonials and positive reviews are a great deal. Clients who have worked with the company can speak of how the company assisted in meeting set goals and targets.

Show case your best works as a company. Highlight the top clients that your company has successfully helped in creating and strengthening its brand awareness as well as what future projects the company will be working on with those clients.  With reputable brands among the clients in your portfolio, prospectives will agree that if these top clients found you good enough to work with, then your company  must be good and worth their business. Always ensure to include brands that people can trust and relate with, for better results.

Testimonials are great, but creating a great portfolio also calls for some pro-active effort.  Clearly define the company strategy and highlight the mission and vision statements, vision as well as the goals of the company. It is not enough to merely outline these crucial areas, but a great portfolio should also communicate to prospective clients how the company has remained consistent in abiding by these principles in all its undertakings.

A company portfolio is a professional introduction of the company to prospective clients. Creating or refreshing its portfolio to reflect and communicate how result-oriented a company your marketing company is will definitely give you a competitive edge in attracting more clients.

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