3 Areas of Focus For The Training Of Bouncing Castle Attendants

Bouncing Castle Attendants

One of the most crucial areas of interest, but which is sadly neglected during play with inflatables is the supervision. Bouncy castle hire and other play inflatable should never be unattended at any one time because having responsible adult supervision does relate directly to the safety of those playing in the inflatables.

Supervision that is beneficial is more than just having an adult as an attendant. The attendants must have the relevant training and knowledge if they are to properly execute their roles and ensure that everyone stays safe as they enjoy their time on the bouncing castles and other inflatables.

Crowd Control

The attendant should have proper training on how to handle the crowd both inside the bouncing castles and just outside. Kids tend to clamor for chance to get into the inflatables and may hurt each other in the rush. A similar situation is often witnessed as they try to get out. For this reason, crowd control is a must at entry/exit points.

For events with overwhelming turn ups, the staff may put up a crow control barrier or perimeter wall around the bouncing castle units. The attendant should know how to handle the crowds in such situations in a professional manner which also guarantees the safety of all parties.

Risks, Precautions and Emergency Procedures

The attendant should receive training on all the risks that come inherently with the operation of the inflatable. This evaluation of all possible risks should be accompanied by an instruction of the precautions put into place to minimize risk for safer play dates on the bouncing castle.

Even more important is the fact that the training should prepare the attendant for any eventualities. In the case of a breakdown, accident or failure, the attendant should have received proper instruction on how to best handle each emergency situation without causing panic and for the absolute safety of both the patrons inside the bounce house and those around the unit.

First Aid

Accidents do happen, which is why having a trained first aid attendant for a supervisor can definitely neutralize an otherwise very unfortunate incident.  Every attendant should have an understanding of the basics of first aid administration even if there is a specialist first aid team among the staff.

Bouncing castle companies that value the safety of their patrons should invest accordingly towards ensuring that all the attendants that supervise the activity on the inflatables receive training in these areas and others.

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